Committees, Commission, Boards and Authorities

Council has established several Committees, Commissions, Boards and Authorities to help conduct a large amount of City business. These bodies are established in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, and can be categorized as follows:


These are committees that exist due to legislative requirements. Although each of these committees is established by municipal by-law (or resolution) there are other statutory requirements that must be taken into consideration. Within the City of Camrose, these include: The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Assessment Review Board, Camrose Police Commission and Camrose Library Board.

Advisory Standing Committees

These committees are created by Council to provide advice or guidance on specific municipal initiatives. The City of Camrose has established several advisory committees including the Green Action Committee, Camrose Airport Commission, the Social Development Committee, and the Community Transit Advisory Committee. 

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc committees serve a specific purpose for a predetermined length of time, or for the duration of a project. Once the task is complete, an ad hoc committee will disband. An example of an ad hoc committee is the Camrose Nordic Commemorative Committee.

External Community Committees

Not a municipal committee, Council will appoint City representatives to serve on external committees throughout the community. An example of an external committee is the Camrose Regional Exhibition. 

Council Appointments to Committees, Commissions, Boards and Authorities

Volunteer Opportunities

  Volunteer Opportunities  


There are a number of ways for Camrose residents to get involved in shaping their community. Volunteering to serve is a great way to be actively involved in local government and to represent your community and requires a variety of time commitments.

Meetings are held monthly or as required and the meeting dates/times are dependent on the requirements. Typically Members at Large are appointed for terms of up to three years. 


An application can be submitted in person at City Hall, by fax 780.672.2469, online, or by emailing Legislative Services. Applications are accepted throughout the year.
Committee, Commission, Board, Authority  Camrose Police Commission


 For more information on the appointment process please review the following policies.

Committee, Commission, Board, Authority
Camrose Police Commission
For further information on the Committees, Commission, Boards and Authorities, please contact City Hall at 780.672.4426 or email Legislative Services at