Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) is provincial legislation put in place to ensure access is available to records and personal information and to control how information is collected, used and disclosed.

Accessing Information Under FOIP
If you wish to make a request for information under the FOIP Act, complete the FOIP Form. You can generally expect a response within thirty business days. You may need to bring in photo identification when picking up your information.

While there is no charge to obtain your own personal information, there may be charges for photocopying (0.25/page). If you are making a request for general information, there is an initial charge of $25 and a charge of $27 per hour for locating, retrieving, preparing and handling the record for disclosure.

If you are not sure if your request falls under FOIP, please contact the Freedom of Information Coordinator at 780.678.3027.

FOIP legislation states that a public body must publish a directory listing the public body’s Personal Information Banks.