New City Hall FAQs

New City Hall FAQs
  • Why do we need a new City Hall?
  • How much will this cost me? (The taxpayer)
  • What are the timelines?
  • Where will it be built?
  • Where will the City Hall staff go?
  • Will it be energy efficient?
  • How much parking space?
Why do we need a new City Hall?
Discussions surrounding the need for extensive renovations, potential building additions, and eventually on the demolition of the current City Hall and construction of a new facility have been ongoing for over 10 years. There are a number of issues which have led to a demonstrated need for a new facility, including:
  1. The current age and condition of City Hall;
  2. Proper and sufficient space for staff and their work. In mid-2009, the Engineering department moved to Mirror Lake Centre (MLC) as there was insufficient space at City Hall. Since that time, a number of new positions have been added to the City;
  3. The presence of mold in the lower floor of the 1940's portion of the building. On-going air quality testing for mold has led to the sealing off of this space from the rest of the building five years ago.  As this is a health and safety matter for staff, appropriate actions needed to be taken;
  4. The seepage of moisture into the basement, as well as water leakage into other areas of the building through the roof;
  5. Natural inefficiencies in service levels to the public as well as loss of important contact between staff who need to interact in the same facility due to requirements of their jobs — as we strive to be a more efficient and effective organization these have become barriers;
  6. As the staff move to MLC in 2009 was meant to be a temporary solution, construction at MLC was kept to a minimum and many of the spaces are crowded and inefficient in design. Also, certain systems such as HVAC are barely adequate in the short term (poor heating / cooling for existing staff) and will be inadequate for the long term needs of the City as an office-type facility;
  7. Neither facility has proper staff meeting spaces;
  8. Repairs and renovations to the existing City Hall have been kept to a minimum in recent years, knowing that a move to a new facility was potentially on the horizon;
  9. Public spaces and reception areas (for Council meetings, for delegations, etc.) are not existent at either the existing City Hall facility or at MLC.

How much will this cost me? (The taxpayer)
Your property taxes will not increase as a result of the construction of City Hall.

The funding for the project has been approved by City Council, with $1M coming from reserves and $17.25M coming from a provincial grant.

What are the timelines?
  • Move-out of existing building — May 2013
  • Demolition — June 2013
  • Construction — June 2013 — February 2015   
  • Move-in — March 2015
Where will it be built?
The same location as where the current City Hall stands (5204 – 50 Ave.)

Where will the City Hall staff go?
The City Hall staff have been relocated and reunited with other City staff at the Mirror Lake Centre in cooperation with the Camrose Seniors Centre.

Will it be energy efficient?
The design has incorporated many practices which will allow the facility to be operated in a sustainable manner over the life expectancy of the facility. Examples of this include: building & window design to allow the majority of spaces within the building to be naturally lit, and a south-facing front atrium which will utilize the sun to help heat the building in the winter while allowing excess heat to be vented off in the summer through operable windows near the top of the atrium.

How much parking space?
The proposed development will supply a total of 99 off-street parking stalls, in addition to approximately 20 on-street parking stalls on 50 Avenue, 52 Street and 52A Street. The off-street parking requirements meet the criteria of the City of Camrose Land Use Bylaw.