Tips to Reduce Waste

In the Home 

  • Welcome alternatives to disposables (paper towel, garbage liners, wax paper, disposable plates, cups, etc.)
  • Drink tap water
  • Refill bottles with bulk shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap
  • Reduce paper waste by cancelling unwanted mail
  • Cloth diaper your baby
  • When something is broken, try and repair it before buying a replacement 

 Cardboard, Newspaper, Tin Cans, Glass, Milk Jugs, Milk Cartons are just a few items that take up a large amount of space in your garbage can or garbage bag.

If you separate the above items you can take them to the Centra Cam Recycling Depot located at 4402 - 51 Avenue for recycling.

Take your refundable containers to the local bottle depot. This will not only help lessen your household waste and help the environment but you will make some extra money. Below are a list of containers that are refundable: 

  • Plastic Drinking Bottles (pop, water, juice)
  • Plastic Jugs, Poly Cups, and Bottles
  • Aluminum cans (pop, juice, energy drinks)
  • Polycoated Containers (juice)
  • Bag in a Box & Juice Pouches
  • Glass Bottles
  • Other Metal Cans (Tomato Juice)

Selective Shopping

  • Shop with reusable Shopping Bags (Canvas or String Bags).
  • Take your own mug or thermos to the coffee shop, some shops offer a discount price when you provide your own container.
  • Avoid disposable razors, pens, pencils, and lighters
  • Choose rechargeable batteries and long-life light bulbs.
  • Buy in bulk