Council Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

At its simplest level, strategic planning is the process of (a) understanding where you are right now, (b) determining where you want to be in the future, and (c) planning how to get there by choosing what areas to focus on first and determining how to best use limited resources.

2018 Strategic Planning Process

Following the municipal election in October 2017, City Council participated in orientation sessions. During one of these sessions, City Council discussed important issues impacting Camrose and what they each hoped to accomplish in their upcoming term.

The strategic planning process then officially launched in early 2018 and proceeded with the following steps:

  • Public Consultation – In January and February 2018, the City conducted a Citizen Input Survey using both online and paper-copy format. The survey asked citizens what was most important to them about our community and what areas need improvement. The City received 1,170 completed surveys which was a fantastic response rate.

    Improving the Aquatic Centre was the most frequently mentioned item in the Citizen Input Survey. To better meet this need in the community and after many years of planning and deliberation, the Aquatic Centre Revitalization Plan was approved by City Council in May 2018. Construction for the revitalization began shortly after. Additional feedback in the Citizen Input Survey revolved around attracting more quality jobs, keeping property taxes as low as possible, increasing recreational offerings for families, and continued road maintenance (a 10-year enhanced road rehabilitation program began in 2016 and will continue to improve the quality of Camrose’s road infrastructure).
  • Strategic Planning Workshops – Council members and Administration met together over a series of half-day workshops from February to June to update the City’s vision, mission, and values as well as to determine strategic priorities for the next four years.

    Throughout the strategic planning workshops, Council members also reviewed responses from the Citizen Input Survey, Council Committee representatives, and Administration. The group discussed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the municipality to brainstorm initial strategic priorities to accomplish over the next four years.

    Council then narrowed down the items to four Strategic Focus Areas where transformation is needed to help ensure Camrose’s continued future success:
    1. Strengthen the Regional Economy
    2. Encourage Regional Cooperation
    3. Ensure Long-Term Water Sustainability
    4. Improve Asset & Project Management
  • Implementation Planning – Administration expanded the four Strategic Focus Areas to include initiatives required to accomplish them.
  • Review and Finalize Strategic Plan – Council and Administration reviewed the draft Strategic Plan and made updates to ensure clarity and feasibility.

The Strategic Plan sets out the priorities for the municipality to persistently pursue over the next four years to move our community closer to our vision of being a community where all can thrive. Next, resources will be aligned through business planning and budgeting processes to achieve the four Strategic Focus Areas while continuing to deliver municipal services.

Vision, Mission, and Values

In September 2018, City Council updated the City’s vision, mission, and values for our organization.

  • Vision (our overarching goal; our aspiration for the future that we are continually working towards): Camrose is a community where all can thrive.
  • Mission (the reason for our existence): The City provides fiscally responsible municipal services that contribute to a high quality of life for citizens and success for businesses.
  • Values (the ways we work together and things we believe are important):
    • Health and safety focus.
      • We put the safety of our citizens and employees first in everything we do.
    • Responsible stewardship.
      • We deliver municipal services our citizens deem important for our community in ways that provide the best value for municipal tax dollars. We use our knowledge, experience, and professionalism to steward the public’s resources carefully.
    • Excellent customer service.
      • We aim to meet our citizens’ needs with a commitment to the spirit of public service.
    • Forward-thinking leadership.
      • We use forward-thinking leadership to continually improve our organization and our community. We lead with fiscal, environmental, cultural, social, and governance perspectives in mind. We strive to be ambassadors for the City.
    • Outstanding teamwork.
      • We achieve more for Camrose by working as a team across the City and with our community and regional partners. We work together with respect and integrity.