Business Licenses

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Upon acceptance of a business license application, allow a minimum of 10 business days for processing as referral letters are sent to several key agencies (including the Fire Department, the Health Inspector, and the Planning & Development Department. Review time may be extended based on findings and recommendations from these agencies. Click here to get more help on how to start a business.
You can check the status of your business license by email or calling 780.672.4428. 

Business License Bylaw

Pursuant to the provisions of City of Camrose Business License Bylaw as amended, every person carrying on any business, trade, profession, industry, occupation, employment, or calling dealing with the providing of goods and/or services is required to hold a valid business license with the City.

Businesses holding a valid prior year license are invoiced for the license renewal fee. All other persons conducting business must complete an application form as required at City Hall and pay the prescribed fees.